Revenue Awami Khidmat Kutchehry resolves 1166 cases

MULTAN: As many as 1166 out of 1213 revenue cases pertaining multiple issues including income certificate, domicile, property registry and record examination were resolved in Revenue Awami Khidmat Kutchehry concluded in couple of days here across the division.

As per bifurcation, exactly 171 cases were resolved in Multan, 370 in Khanewal, 411 Vehari and 214 in Lodhran in all open courts arranged on direction of CM Punjab.

According to official data available with reporter from Commissioner office Tuesday, exactly 94 applications were put up with regard to correction of record. Out of them, 89 were settled with five of them left pending.

Similarly, 326 out of 329 cases pertaining to issuance of fraud were done, with only five of them held following incomplete papers.

About 321 out of 326 applications for entry of mutations were given approval on the spot.

Exactly 134 out of 136 cases pertaining to property registration were ordered to be resolved after given requisite approval. All ten applications being submitted for issuing income certificates were accepted.

About 66 out of 70 applications pertaining to record examination were approved by the authority. Order were released for issuance of domicile on 101 out of 104 applications put up in the open courts.

A total of 244 applications of miscellaneous nature were received on the occasion, out of them 1166 resolved while 47 held pending following different reasons.

Commissioner Javed Akhtar Mahmood said Revenue Awami Khidmat Kutchehry would not only solve problems of the people but also increase their confidence on incumbent administrative system.