SAU organizes software exhibition

HYDERABAD: An Exhibition of Software, Models and Apps developed by final year students of Information Technology Center held at Sindh Agriculture University on Tuesday with participation of large numbers of students, teachers and IT experts.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri who visited different stalls where the students briefed him about their projects.

Addressing the participants, the Vice Chancellor said that the IT sector has developed in the campus in a short period adding that no sector can achieve development without IT which has importance in all fields including medical, engineering, livestock, business and marketing. Similarly, he said IT is also important in the agriculture sector including smart agriculture, plant monitoring, animal health and environment.

The university is facing financial constraints but the management is making all out efforts to resolve the issue so that the students can get better educational and knowledge facilities, ” he said.

The Director Information Technology Center Mansoor Haider Depar, Dr. Mir Sajjad Talpur, Dr. and Muhammad Yaqoob Koondhar also spoke on the occasion and said that the student projects, in which they have developed apps and software are related to health, agriculture and machine learning and mobile applications. The student research, software designing and technology would be transferred to the Sindh government so that all the departments concerned could take advantage of the said efforts, they added.

Among others, Dean Dr. Qamaruddin Chachar, Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Khooharo, Dr. Naimatullah Leghari, Dr. Syed Ghiasuddin Shah Rashdi, Dr. Jan Muhammad Marri and Registrar Ghulam Mohiyuddin Qureshi also visited the exhibition along with the Vice Chancellor.