Seminar held to mark the Mother Language Day

HYDERABAD:People of Sindh are fortunate that Sindhi is their mother language but it does not enjoy the national language status.

These views were expressed by Dr Ameer Ali Shah, Chairman Department of Sindhi Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University while addressing a seminar on “Mother Language Day” organized by the Department of Sindhi Faculty of Social Sciences.

He said that only that language would survive in the world, which is spoken up to 100 years by coming generations. He said that improvement in Educational system in Sindh is not only essential for economic development but it is also linked with the growth and survival of Sindhi language. Chairman said that there are approximately 6000 to 7000 languages spoken worldwide out of which 90% languages would vanish by the end of this century and as expected just 600 languages would be able to maintain their existence.

Addressing on the occasion Chairman Chemistry Department Dr Muhammad Afzal Kamboh said that according languages expert Michael E. Chris a linguistic, the percentage speed of vanishing of languages is so fast that in Pakistan 18 Pakistani languages would lose their existence by the year 2030. He said that these languages are those which are spoken by just a few hundred people and have switched to other existing influential languages.

He was optimistic that Sindhi is a rich language and would exist till centuries. Deputy Director Public Relations, Kashif Noorani said that middle class citizens are providing education to their children in private schools due to substandard education status in government schools where Sindhi language is not taught.

He said that if hundreds of thousands of growing children take their education not in Sindhi they would remain detached from their historical and cultural heritage and would live in their own society as aliens. He said that mother tongue is the basic source of link with nationality and its nonexistence makes nationality incomplete.

Later Tariq Zardari and Kalsoom Samo presented Sindhi national songs following a rally participated by teachers, male and female students on the directive of Faculty Dean Prof Dr, Tayyaba Zarif.