Smart lockdown imposed at two localities of Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD: District administration Abbottabad Wednesday imposed a smart lockdown in two areas to stop the further spread of the COVID-19.

According to the notification issued by the Deputy Commissioner, the smart lockdown was imposed on the recommendations of the health department to prevent the local transmission of COVID-19 in Mohalla Kashmir and Danna Chuna Kari Nawanshahr.

The lockdown was imposed keeping in view the emerging of new cases from both localities.

No general entry or exit to these localities by any person, except supply of essential commodities shall be allowed whereas all types of gatherings within these premises would also be prohibited.

Anyone contravening the directions shall render himself liable to be proceeded against under section 17 and 18 of the KPK Epidemic Control & Emergency Relief Ordinance.

In district Abbottabad total number of confirmed corona virus positive cases were 3238 where 3027 patients have been recovered, 72 Covid-19 active patients were admitted in different hospital and 139 have been expired.

A total number of 37040 corona virus tests has been conducted in the district where 32013 were negative, 3238 were positive, 1219 awaited and 570 were inconclusive.

District administration and health department have imposed smart lockdown at 257 places including 112 rural/urban/residential areas, 10 hotels and restaurants, 114 educational institutions and 21 offices and commercial buildings.