Team sent to Sindh to find policeman disappeared during duty performance

MUZAFFARGARH: DPO Hassan Iqbal visited the residence of ASI Zafar Hussain here on Friday to console his family after the officer had disappeared while on duty in Sindh on an assignment to locate and arrest some accused.

ASI Zafar Hussain of PS Rohillanwali had gone to Sindh to arrest some accused of a case, however, his cell phone was powered off since last Feb 17 evening and still unresponsive.

Accompanying SDPO Jatoi Rehan ur Rasool Khan, DPO apprised the family of the development made so far in locating the whereabouts of missing police officer and assured his family that he would soon be found and brought back home.

DPO said, ASI Zafar was like his own son and all out efforts were being made to find him.

He said that a police team has already been sent to Sindh that is working tirelessly to locate the missing police officer.