Tree plantation campaign launches in connection with Clean & Green Pakistan

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: In connection with the tree planting campaign under Green and Clean Pakistan, a prestigious function was organized at Government Higher Secondary School No. 4 under the auspices of Education Department here on Sunday.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Khan, who was received by Govt Girls Primary School Sheikh Yusuf No. 2 students in a colourful ceremoney.

Addressing the function, Additional Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Khan said that untimely rains and floods due to global warming have endangered human lives and in view of its prevention, more and more trees have to be planted and taken care of.

Taking special care can prevent the ravages of climate change, he added. He said that trees keep the environment clean and produce Oxygen by reducing carbon dioxide in the air. He appealed to the citizens of Dera to protect these plants to make Dera Ismail Khan greener and in the tree planting campaign.

Participate more and play your part in making the tree planting campaign a success, he urged the people. “Let us all participate in this charity drive and support the vision of the government,”Mahmood Iqbal, said. Deputy CEO, District Education Office Mail, SDEO, Dera Chaudhry Zarif, SDEO Paharpur Muhammad Humayun Khattak, SDEO Kalachi Hafeez Joya, CEO per mail Syeda Anjum, Deputy CEO per mail Aniqa Huma, SDEO Dera Farhat Yasmeen and other mail and mail teachers.

A large number of students attended the event, while focal person ASDEO Zameer Ahmad made the arrangements for the event. The Department of Education, especially DEO Fail Mail and its staff appreciated the efforts of SDEO Dera Chaudhry.

Zarif said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan fully supports Imran Khan’s vision of Green and Clean Pakistan Tree Planting Campaign as this is the first government that has worked on this important issue. According to Imran Khan’s vision, we are planting trees at every school level.

The more trees there are, the better the environment for human beings to breathe. Plantation stalls were set up at various schools and at the end Additional Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Education Department officials, teachers and children formally inaugurated the tree planting campaign.