Two more coronavirus patients lost lives during 24 hours in district Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD:After an interval of two weeks, two more patients of Coronavirus Sunday have lost their lives during the last 24 hours in district Abbottabad while 15 new cases have been reported.

According to the health department the total number of coronavirus positive cases have reached 95 after confirmation of 15 new cases.

During the second wave of Coronavirus total of 3356 Coronavirus cases have been tested positive where 3120 have been recovered.

All new active Coronavirus cases patients have been admitted to the COVID-19 ward of Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad while some of the patients were house quarantined.

The total number of confirmed Coronavirus positive cases was 3356 where 3123 patients have been recovered and 142 have been expired.

A total number of 42891 Coronavirus tests has been conducted in district Abbottabad where 37689 were negative, 3356 were positive, 1047 awaited and 809 were inconclusive.

District administration and health department has imposed smart lockdown at 289 places including 134 rural/urban/residential areas, 10 hotels and restaurants, 124 educational institutions and 21 offices and commercial buildings.

The COVID-19 sampling breakup of educational institutions of district showed that health department conducted Coronavirus tests in 218 educational institutions where 13681 tests were conducted, 607 Coronavirus positive were reported, 3471 teachers were also screened while 10210 were screened.