FJWU celebrates triumph of women in education

RAWALPINDI:Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in a special event organized here to highlight the exceptional achievements of its students and alumni celebrated the triumphs of women in education.

The Students Affairs Office, FJWU under the visionary guidance of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Saima Hamid organized the event aimed to inspire and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of FJWU's talented students community.

Ms. Syeda Huma Batool, a prominent alumna of FJWU and a trailblazer in her own right was chief guest on the occasion.

Ms. Batool, the owner and chairperson of Alvir Airways and Managing Director of Vantage Laboratories, shared her inspiring journey of success alongside other outstanding student achievers.

The event witnessed a remarkable turnout as students, faculty, and staff gathered to applaud their peers' exceptional accomplishments.

The event provided a platform to students from diverse departments to showcase their talents and share their inspiring success stories.

The remarkable students including Amna Azeem from Department of Behavioral Sciences, Ayesha Khalil from Department of Behavioral Sciences, Lareeb Tauqeer from Commerce Department, Sajjal Arif from Department of Behavioral Sciences, Saman Faraz, Department of Defense and Diplomatic Studies, Noor Fatima Mirza, Department of Mathematical Sciences and Noor ul Ain Malik, Department of Behavioral Sciences attended the event.

Amna Azeem, a recipient of the prestigious Milhar Award, 1st position holder in the Kirrat Competition and a representative of FJWU in Naat and Kirrat competitions at the divisional level. Amna's unwavering commitment to excellence is also reflected in her role as a chorus member of FJWU Taranna.

Ayesha Khalil was a remarkable athlete and a key member of the University Martial Arts and Basketball teams.

Ayesha's exceptional contributions were recognized through the Milkar's Flood Heroes Award, highlighting her dedication to making a positive impact.

Lareeb Tauqeer a brilliant student who secured a gold medal is currently contributing her expertise at Associate Press of Pakistan and showcasing her commitment to journalistic excellence.

Sajjal Arif is serving as an invaluable HR Manager at Nafedu Organization and playing a vital role in fostering talent and organizational development.

Saman Faraz is a compassionate leader and the founder of Supporting Hands Welfare, an organization that has extended support to more than 50 deserving families, truly exemplifying the spirit of philanthropy.

Noor Fatima Mirza a brilliant mind honored with the esteemed Best Literary Raptor award by the National Council of Arts and a distinguished presenter at international conferences is showcasing her intellect and literary prowess.

Syeda Huma Batool, a woman of immense influence and accomplishment has carved her path as the first female owner and chairperson of Alvir Airways, as well as the MD of Vantage Laboratories.

Her pioneering efforts have made her the first woman to own a Pakistan-based scheduled airline and she is inspiring generations of aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Noor ul Ain Malik a visionary entrepreneur who has successfully launched a venture specializing in customizable paintings and crafts is showcasing her artistic flair and business acumen.

The VC addressing the audience, emphasizing the university's commitment to diversity, recognizing collective efforts, and valuing the support system that strengthens the FJWU community expressed her appreciation for the achievements of fellow students and encouraged the nurturing of alumni connections.

As a token of gratitude and admiration, a souvenir was presented to Syeda Huma Batool.

In a poignant tribute to the martyrs, a ceremonial walk concluded the event, symbolizing the university's unwavering respect and remembrance for those who made sacrifices for their country.

The exceptional success stories shared at the event serve as a testament to the profound talent and empowerment fostered within the prestigious FJWU.

She said that the university remained dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of its students, promoting a culture of excellence, and shaping future leaders.