Govt mulling to setup forest force in GB: Minister

PESHAWAR: Provincial Minister for Forests and Wildlife, Imran Wakeel said here Monday the government was mulling to establish Forests Force in order to protect green gold in the province.

He said process of recommendations for Forest Force has been completed and training of the selected officials for the Forest Force would soon be started.

Talking to media persons here, the Minister said the government was taking concrete measures for protection of biodiversity,

forestry and wildlife resources in the province, adding the force would help take swift action against timber mafia and wildlife hunters.

He warned the government would take strict action against elements involved in illegal cutting of trees and hunting of wildlife in the province.

The Minister said forest were very importance resources to protect soil from erosion, minimizes damages of lives and properties caused by floods, enhance value of property, mitigate effects of global warming and climate change.

Therefore, it was the responsibility of every segment of the society to play positive role and grow as many trees as they can to overcome on these challenges.

The community was being encouraged to protect forests and wildlife resources and several incentives were announced for them.

The Minister said summary for regularization of service of contractual employees of Forest Department has been submitted to the concerned forum and they would soon hear good news in this regard.