Govt to give better future prospects to teachers: CM KP

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has assured his government would give better future prospects to the teachers linking their promotion to their performance.

This he said while presiding over a high level meeting to discuss the recruitment of teachers and their postings in schools, the new structure of promotion, the regularization of teachers and the amendment of rules required, the time scale issue and the related issues of education department at Chief Minister House Peshawar.

The Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said that his government was committed to regularize the newly inducted brains to the system of education who were recruited through NTS and other such forums.

Provincial Minister for Education, Mohammad Atif, Head of Strategic Unit Sahibzada Saeed and other relevant high ranking officials attended. The Chief Minister categorically stated that his government would never allow any drama to influence the decision making for the standardization and quality education in the province.

He formed a committee to submit him comprehensive report and viable recommendations to undertake the task within the shortest period of time. The committee would be headed by Sahibzada Saeed, Head of Strategic Support Unit.

The committee would see to the different dimensions of the existing service structure replacing it with the new one to give maximum benefits and promotion avenues within the schools, the teacher after posting to get promotion within the same school. The recommendations would be brought and decided at the forum of provincial cabinet and the rights of all teachers would be protected.

The committee will also firm up recommendations for the recruitment of teachers, the required amendments and the time scale issues of the teachers in order to solve them once for all.

The Chief Minister said that he had made up his mind for the regularization of newly recruited 40 thousands teachers who were inducted

in the system of education and who were recruited under a merit based policy in order to ensure quality education in the province.

His government would make necessary legislations for the strengthening of education system, getting it free from the clutches of influential elite, he said, adding, government would even make special rules if necessary as his government could not compromise the future of youth.

Pervez Khattak said that reforming the system was a noble intension and should not be politicized. Unfortunately, people with bad intensions do politics to delude the people through disinformation to make political gains. Such elements had never been sincere to the cause of the people and therefore wanted to set the agenda against the government and bring the people friendly policies of the government into disrepute.

He assured, he would resist the negative propaganda of the enemy of the people who politicize everything but this time it was totally a different bat ball game as it was the issue of the future of our kids that could never be politicized, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the standardization of education system and the improvement of schooling was his government agenda that stands for providing an equal playing field to the kids of rich and poor alike that will not only mainstream them to the one system of education but would give them the opportunity to compete and discover their own world in the existing world of competition.

Pervez Khattak asked when the people will realize that the existing education system leads to nowhere but it leads to annihilation.

“Nations sometime somewhere stand up, look at their conditions and then make a right decision. We have reached that point and we have made up our mind to get the better route,” he further added.

Pervez Khattak said that the education system of the past was a total banned that restricted the chances of development and the system was so politicized that all transfers and postings were made on political consideration therefore his government had decided to get the education

free from the influence of political elite.

The Chief Minister also asked the committee to look to the issues of higher education as his government wanted to start BS classes in the public sector institutions through up-gradation of existing schooling and institutions.

He said the old BA and MA system was obsolete and the BS was the internationally recognized degree. The former was a rote memorization but the letter was assignment and research based system of education that was creative and required for the mental building of the people, he opined.

“We have to be prepared for the upgraded schooling system and the committee should also get recommendations so that the system could be launched throughout the province,” he asserted.