Govt’s austerity measures to reduce economic crisis: Faisal Javed

ISLAMABAD:Senator Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Faisal Javed on Wednesday said that the austerity measures taken by the government had proved the loyalty of the Khan-led government with masses and the country too.

While talking during a current affair program of Radio Pakistan he said the country was passing through worst economic crisis and these austerity measures would help steer the country out of prevailing challenges.

Responding to a question he said none of the previous governments had even thought about the people and never reduced their expenses adding part of efforts to solve economic woes, the government has initiated various austerity measures in the recent past”, he added.

“PM Imran Khan initiated the policy of reducing expenses from himself. All expenses at Bani Gala are being paid from PM’s own pocket. PM Imran Khan reduced PM office budget to 40%. Our security forces voluntarily decided to cut the defense budget for the next fiscal year amid an austerity drive launched by the government”, he added.

He further said previous regimes spent a huge amount for his foreign tours and paid almost rupees 10 billion as tips and gifts and the amount was paid from the taxes of the nation.