Govt plans media awareness drive for COVID-19 vaccine doubters: Nausheen Hamid

ISLAMABAD:Parliamentary Secretary on Health Nausheen Hamid on Friday said that health ministry’s communication team was preparing a strategy for a massive coronavirus vaccination drive through electronic media that will be crucial for the country to come out of the pandemic.

Talking to a Private news channel, she warned the common people not to be taken in by conspiracy theories about the coronavirus vaccine which is viral on social media websites, adding, vaccination is the only way to get rid of coronavirus.

She said vaccines are safe and perhaps only way to eliminate infectious disease, adding, Smallpox has been eradicated from Pakistan in Past through vaccine.

She urged citizens to strictly follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent the third wave of the coronaviru, adding that it was time for everyone to “act as a mature nation.”

She reassured citizens that getting vaccinated for coronavirus is safe and no major reactions result from the shot.

“We have set a target to achieve herd immunity by vaccinating 70 million people by the end of the current year, however, we are hopeful of achieving the target by collective efforts of the common people,” she added.

Nausheen said that the government had been trying its best to get more vaccine, adding, once the frontline workers and people over the age of 65 were vaccinated, they would move to vaccinate those who were between 60 to 65 years of age.

She said the COVID-19 pandemic was still not over, there must be a collective effort where media, public and health departments should work together to overcome the coronavirus.