Home cooked food business at surge for its taste, hygiene

ISLAMABAD:The rise in demand for home-cooked has fascinated many entrepreneurs including women to offer hygienic, tasty, and delicious food meals at reasonable prices.

Talking to reporter, cook, and baker Samiya Rasheed said that twin cities are the second home of many students and job holders, and their desire for home-cooked meals makes the food business a success.

She expressed that professionals, as well as those having a little background in the food industry, are exploring business opportunities in home-cooked food work. She said one kilogram of rice serves up to eight people and bulk purchase offers the opportunity to earn better profits.

Samiya said that the advent of food delivery applications has further strengthened this business as people are increasingly opting for home-cooked meals for their hygiene and taste. "This trend is not only providing a source of income for women but also giving people the comfort of hygienic food", she maintained.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs, particularly women, who have seized the opportunity to start their own businesses, adding that such businesses range from small-scale to more established businesses that have expanded to cater to a larger customer base.

A business owner Mumtaz Alam said that he took initiative to start a tiffin service from a few sectors of Islamabad and after receiving an overwhelming response, the business was expanded to various sectors. He said that the response was better from the private firms as government offices offer subsidized meals at their canteen.

He said home-cooked food is a more accessible option for people from all walks of life, and it is expected to continue growing in popularity in the future.

A job holder from Multan residing in Islamabad, Ashar Mehbood said that people are becoming health-conscious and they are looking for ways to eat healthier and more nutritious meals. He said that one of the ways they are achieving this is by opting for home-cooked meals.

He highlighted that home-cooked meals are not only healthier, but they also offer a more personalized experience as customers can request for their meals to be made according to their dietary restrictions or preferences.