IGP chairs meeting to boost crime control in Karachi

KARACHI In a pivotal gathering convened at the Karachi Police Office (KPO), IGP Sindh Riffat Mukhtar Raja chaired a high-level meeting to address the rising concerns of street crimes, Gutka/Mawa, and various criminal activities on Wednesday. During the meeting, the attendees comprehensively assessed the police force's performance, focusing on their efforts to combat these offences and discussed strategies to enhance the security of upcoming important events while evaluating the current law and order situation. IGP Sindh Riffat Mukhtar Raja, took particular notice of the developments related to street crime and other criminal cases. In response, he issued stringent orders to crack down on street criminals and instructed a more aggressive approach against drug and Gutka/Mawa mafias. Emphasizing the need for a proactive policing approach, IGP Sindh emphasized that all necessary measures should be taken to curtail the crime rate. He urged authorities to bring individuals and groups involved in criminal activi ties under the rule of law. In addition, IGP Sindh stressed the significance of concrete and effective intelligence information in the crackdown against street criminals, fugitives, and suspected individuals. He urged a focus on crime analysis and expedited action against criminal activities. Furthermore, IGP Sindh directed operational and investigative police to ensure the success of actions against crimes. He noted that the quality of investigations would directly impact the police's control over accused individuals. To foster citizens' trust in the police, IGP Sindh encouraged community involvement and the need to set an example of exemplary service to the public. During the meeting, Additional IGP Karachi Khadim Hussain Rind provided a comprehensive briefing on the city's law and order situation and the ongoing police crackdown against crimes. Zonal DIGPs also apprised IGP Sindh of the policing issues and measures related to law and order in their respective zones and districts. District SSPs, SSPs I nvestigation, and other senior officers from the Sindh Police were actively engaged in the meeting.

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