IK becomes champion of spreading anarchy, says PPP leader

PESHAWAR: Acting Provincial President PPP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Minister of State, Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha Friday said that the PTI chairman, Imran Khan had become the champion of spreading anarchy and causing destruction.

In a statement issued here , the PPP stalwart accused the PTI chief of brain-washing the youth to use them for the fulfillment of his nefarious designs and the drama staged by him was inflicting losses to the country.

He said that the martyred PPP chairperson, Benazir Bhutto had always led the party from the front-foot, faced tear-gas shelling and borne batons, but on the other, the leader of PTI hides himself in his house even after a minor police action.

Ali Shah Bacha said that their leadership had taught them to remain stick to stance and ideology even in case of threat to life. But, now the situation had reached to a stage where it was stated that taking u-turn was the symbol of becoming leader, he added.

He said that the character assassination of the progressive people in Pakistan had been carried out under well-planned conspiracy to disfigure the progressive face of the country.