Imran’s policy of clash with national institutions condemnable: Samina

QUETTA:The policy of confrontation with national institutions is condemnable. It can pose serious threats to national interests.

These views were expressed by Central Vice President Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri in her statement issued here on Sunday .

She said that putting the country at stake for the sake of power on the part of Imran Khan and his colleagues was utter stupidity saying that the policy of confrontation with important national institutions was condemnable and we rejected Imran Khan's march of economic destruction, the long march would not benefit the country.

The demand for immediate elections is a conspiracy against the country, which will bankrupt the country. An unstable government cannot bring political and economic stability to the country, so the current government is in the interest of the country, she added.

Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that the current political and economic situation in the country was critical and this atmosphere of tension was not in the interest of the country in any way saying that what was the wisdom of putting the whole country at stake just to get power? No sane person will accept this initiative of Imran Khan, she expressed.

The Senator said that the unsuccessful attempt by Imran Khan and his party to defame a patriotic institution like Pakistan Army was highly condemnable and shameful act, which we strongly condemn.

She said that the language that was being used and slandered against patriotic institutions cannot belong to patriotic people, a few self-interested elements were doing such an adventure which the Pakistani nation rejects completely.

Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that for some time now, a certain group led by Imran Khan Niazi has been deliberately trying to drag the armed forces of Pakistan and their leadership in political discussions and debates on various forums and the armed forces regarding the top leadership, talks were being made directly and clearly and in different contexts.

A certain group is spreading vile and fabricated things on various platforms including social media, which is likely to cause serious damage to the country's interests, she noted.

She also said that the eyes of the whole world are currently on the political situation of Pakistan and the enemy was ready to take advantage of this critical situation of Pakistan. In such a situation, blaming and clashing with important national institutions on the part of Imran Khan and his group is not in the interest of the nation, she added.

She said that a certain group is bent on ruining the country, currently, the economy was not good, the enemies were sitting on the borders and internally ready to kill at night saying that in such a situation, creating chaos and anarchy in the country would not be accepted in any way.

Pakistani nation rejects the efforts to destabilize the country in any way and stands with patriotic institutions for national security, she said adding that Pakistan was a democratic country and there was no scope for any non-political action in the country.

Imran Khan was taking undemocratic ways to gain power. They should take the democratic way to power but instead of accepting this truth they are bent on ruining the country and direct confrontation with the important national institutions especially the army and making baseless accusations against the institution, she said.

Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that the current state of the economy was critical and Pakistan's ranking was continuously falling.

No one is willing to lend from the commercial market, while investment is almost at a standstill and political instability is on the rise. In these circumstances, early elections will bankrupt the country, and the protesters will regret their actions afterwards, she noted.

She appealed to the entire Pakistani nation to completely boycott the activities of those who speak negatively against national institutions and make false accusations, and whoever was found involved in anti-Pakistan activities regarding national security should be prosecuted and strong action should be taken according to the constitution.