16 outlaws including 7 drug pushers held

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police have arrested 16 outlaws including seven drug pushers from various areas of the city and recovered narcotics and weapons from them, a police spokesman Monday said.

According to details, Secretariat police arrested accused Umer Khan and recovered 400 gram hashish from him.

Tarnol police arrested Mehmood and recovered 120 gram heroin and a dagger from him while two other accused Usama Zafar and Usman Saeed were held for having one 30 bore pistol each.

Ramana police arrested four accused Zain Butt, Imran Muzaffar, Awais Akram, and Sher Khan and recovered a total of 1.30 kilogram hashish from their possession.

Bani Gala police arrested two accused Sheraz Khan and Sajjad besides recovering 110 gram hashish and 120 gram heroin from their possession respectively.

Golra police arrested six persons including two females for alleged involvement in sheesha smoking.

Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.