163 public sector schools fail to increase enrollment as per capacity

ISLAMABAD:At a time when most of the educational institutions in the federal capital are facing capacity issue to accommodate students, there are around 163 schools which have failed to increase enrollment. The number of students is not increasing in these schools during the past several years although they have sufficient capacity to offer admissions, official sources informed. These 163 federal educational institutions working in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) had granted admission to 152029 students as against the existing capacity of 176920 students. Around 22891 more students could get admissions in the schools. On the other hand, around 20 model colleges in the Capital, having less capacity were compelled to grant more admissions than their strength due to rising number of students. Several schools working under federal government in six sectors of ICT, having sufficient capacity, also remained unable to attract admissions.

The capacity for admissions in the educational institutions of Urban-II was 8330, while

only 5385 students took admission there. They were capable of accommodating 2945 more students.Similarly, in Urban-I, less number of students went for admissions in around 22 schools despite the fact they have more capacity. The capacity for admissions in these schools was 19040, while only 14006 students got admission there.

In Bhara Kahoo sector, around 44 schools have the capacity of 14945 admissions while only 8211 students took admission there.

The government schools functioning in Nilour sector of Islamabad have the capacity to enroll 5915 students but only 2815 took admission there.

The 35 schools of Sehala sector also failed to attract students as around 10815 students got admissions, whereas some 7258 seats left vacant there. The educational institutions in Tarnol sector have the capacity of 4165 students while 2087 students took admission there.

Similarly, the federal public sector schools and colleges have more than 3000 vacant seats for teachers since 2009.

When contacted, Director General FDE, Ali Ahmad Kharal told reporter that a comprehensive program has been initiated to bring out of school children to schools, for which the data is being collected from all sectors of ICT.

Around 25 employees have been inducted to collect the data. He said that efforts were also being made to grant admission to maximum number of students as per capacity of the educational institutions.