46th International Nathiagali Summer College concludes

ISLAMABAD: International Nathiagali Summer College (INSC) on Physics and Contemporary Needs, an annual activity involving advanced level scientific discourse, concluded here at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Headquarters on Saturday.

The college provides a vital platform for the meaningful exchange of ideas and a vehicle for an effective and fruitful collaboration among the learners from developing countries as well as experts from industrialized nations.

The primary aim of the college is to break the isolation of the scientists in the developing countries by enabling them to interact with International faculty and colleagues from the Third World.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has been regularly organizing this scientific activity since 1976. It is in fact the only one of its kind to be organized in a developing country and has been held with regularity for the last 46 years.

The remarkable ability of PAEC to sustain the Nathiagali Summer College activity shows the firm conviction of the PAEC towards the promotion of science and technology in the country.

For the last two years, due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to host a large number of faculty and participants at one place so in order to continue the prestigious INSC activities without any break, it was decided to organize it through online webinars.

This year too, it was being held from July 5. This year, the college was formally inaugurated by the Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Mr. Muhammad Naeem (HI, SI) in a very graceful ceremony attended by number of dignitaries from scientific institutions and academia mostly through online platform. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PAEC highlighted the importance of Physics and PAEC role in popularizing Physics in Pakistan particularly PAEC support in holding INSC for the last 46 years without any break.

Speaking to the audience from all over the world, ranging from Korea and China to Europe, USA and Canada, he thanked the foreign faculty for sparing time to lecture in the prestigious INSC and told them that this college is being held online due to corona pandemic, if the pandemic situation gets better then next year college will be held at its original place, Nathiagali.

Chairman informed the audience that the following four technical activities will be held online during six days of the college: Advances in Nano Materials and Semiconductor Devices and Applications; Pulsed Power/High Power Laser Systems and Application; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; and Advances in Nuclear Power Reactor Technology and Spent Fuel Management.

Then he briefed the audience about the importance and latest development in each activity of the college.

The Chairman then highlighted the achievements of PAEC in Science and Technology particularly the role in Nuclear power, Medical, Agriculture and Education sectors. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences is the leading University in Pakistan providing the human source to the various projects of PAEC.

In the end, Chairman thanked the foreign faculty for sparing time for online lectures in the 46th International Nathiagali Summer College 2021.

Earlier Member Science PAEC, Dr. Masood Iqbal, in his welcome address, presented an introduction of INSC on Physics and Contemporary Needs.

He told the audience that the idea of holding INSC was given by the distinguished Nobel Laureate, Professor Dr. Abdus Salam in 1976 and since then the colleges have been organised regularly. Even in corona pandemic these are being organised online as Webinars. He informed that over the years about 965 eminent scientists and speakers including eight Nobel laureates in Physics have lectured as faculty in INSC.

This year 30 renowned scientists and engineers from Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, South Korea, Lithuania, Pakistan, Turkey UAE, UK and USA were giving online lectures during six days of the College.