Academicians hails govt’s initiative to strengthen under-graduate level education

ISLAMABAD:Academicians on Tuesday hailed the Ehsaas Scholarship Progarmme terming it a major initiative to strengthen the entire education system with special focus on undergraduate programmes and skills development sector.

Talking to reporter they said that by launching of “Ehsaas Scholarship” the government wishes to ensure that no student would remain deprived of education because of financial needs.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri told reporter that low-income families would be the beneficiary of undergraduate scholarship programme. Around 200,000 scholarships in four years would be given to access to higher education of high-achievers from low-income families, he said.

He assured that the eligibility criteria for students including admission on merit at any public sector university and with family income below poverty threshold.

He said in past, attention was focused on the degree but not on quality of education, due to which, people did not get jobs.

He said that Ehsaas Scholarship Programme would bring transformation in the field of education as students from low-income families would have access to academic institutions.

He termed the programme a revolutionary step for those students who could not continue their education due to financial constraints.

Earlier, he said the scholarship policies focused more on higher education and lacked providing assistance to undergraduates.

Vice Chancellor University of Sargodha (UOS) Prof. Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad while lauding the government’s initiative said it was first time in the country’s history that a major transition in the higher education system was in process.

He said the education system was being transferred from post graduate to under-graduate and then under-graduate to skilled based education.

The country would reap the fruits of this programme in future as it would further strengthen the under-graduate system. This programme would bring better results in future, he added.

The present government, Dr Ishtiaq said, was focusing on skills development sector rather to offer only degrees.

“This education model based on United States Liberal Arts Education which had been adopted by the developed countries,” he said.

It is worth mentioning here that HEC had advertised the scholarships programme at its website.

The eligible students are invited to visit the HEC Portal and benefit from the revolutionary step of the government to make education affordable across the country.

The eligibility criteria for students include admission on merit at any public sector university and with family income below poverty threshold.

The students can apply online at or submit the completed forms along with necessary documents to Financial Aid Office of the respective university. The deadline for submission of application is December 10, 2019.