Ae 50-59 years; corona vaccination of citizens continues

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination on Thursday continued the vaccination of senior citizens of age 50 to 59 years across the country as per procedure being adopted for other age groups.

According to an official of the ministry, for registration, citizens of this age group should send SMS with computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 1166 from any mobile number or visit the website of the National Immunization Management System (NIMS) which is

He said that the vaccine centre and date will be communicated through SMS as per schedule while citizens can get complete information about the vaccination process while using NIMS’s website with having facility of registration for vaccination also.

He said that foreign nationals can register for the COVID-19 vaccination programme on the provision of a passport number along with a valid mobile number to check whether the information is available on NIMS website for registration for vaccination.

He said that there was a walk-in facility for senior citizens of above 65 years at the nearest vaccination centre to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Citizens of this age group can send their CNIC number through mobile number to 1166 to get registered, he added.

He said that senior citizens of age 60 to 64 years can also SMS their CNIC to 1166 from any mobile number or visit for registration. He added the vaccine center and the date will be communicated to them through SMS.

He said that all missing healthcare workers can register themselves and their vaccination centre and date will be communicated through SMS.

He said that special arrangements have been made at the Tarlai center for senior citizens and disabled persons with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO). He said that a special vaccination counter has been set up at Tarlai for senior citizens above 80 years and persons with disabilities.

He said that senior citizens walk-in registration has been introduced for above 65 year age citizens and now they can visit for vaccination from all listed vaccination centers.

The official said that senior citizens have expressed their satisfaction over the arrangements and available facilities for them at the Corona vaccination center. He assured further improvements in other vaccination centers to properly guide the senior citizens.

He said that keeping in view the interest of senior citizens for COVID vaccination, the staff and number of centers are being increased.

He urged the healthcare workers and those eligible to get vaccinated to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. The vaccinations will be done in reverse order by age which means the oldest person who has registered will be vaccinated first, he added.

He said that once registered, the eligible citizens will be informed about the vaccine centre and the date of vaccination through a text message. He said the government has completed training of vaccinators and other related staff while software has been developed for having daily figures of vaccination activities.

He said that this time was not of any complacency rather strict compliance of SOPs. “COVID-19 is a deadly virus but we can control it just as we controlled it by following the SoPs during the previous waves.”

He said that the government was seeking full cooperation of the citizens in adhering to the SoPs. “We can save precious lives including those of our near and dear ones by taking preventive measures.” He asked the citizens to wear a mask, maintain social distance, wash hands with soap frequently and avoid crowded places.