Afghanistan appreciates Pakistan’s polio elimination programme

ISLAMABAD: The delegation of Afghanistan in World Health Organization (WHO) ongoing regional conference on Wednesday appreciating the polio elimination programme of Pakistan, asked to formulate a formal Memorandum of Understanding to end the smuggling of virus on both sides of border.

The delegation of Yemen led by the minister talked on the collaboration between both countries for the training of doctors. The delegation also asked to allow the admission for the Yemeni students in the medical colleges of the Pakistan.

The minister considering the opinion, assured to find possible ways for the development.

The delegation discussed the procedures of controlling the drug prices and import from Pakistani industry.

The minister informed that Pakistan introduced the bar code system to control the overcharging on medicines.

“Though Pakistan has small pharmaceutical industry exporting medicine but the industry is being benefited due to export of quality medicine”.

The regional committee meeting successfully helped in developing the positive image of the country to the world.

More than 22 countries delegates held meeting and sought collaboration in number of areas. The delegates asked for the expertise of the Pakistan for the improvement of the health services in their home countries.