Aimed rising temperature, watermelons sale surged

ISLAMABAD:The sale of juicy watermelons, a summer-specialty nutritious fruit, has witnessed surge in sale in Islamabad due to rising temperatures during Holy Ramazan despite comparatively high prices.

Watermelon is enriched with nutrients i.e. vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids, said Dr Javed Iqbal Kanjal.

He said it’s water content can help us to keep hydrated and juice is full of good electrolytes which helps us to prevent from heat stroke.

Watermelon is also frequently used to make a variety of salads, most notably fruit salads.

An offical of Agriculture Department Punab in telephonic convesrion with reporter said, Watermelon produced in Pakistan from early April to mid June.

Pakistan ranks 30th in watermelon production and its share is only 0.3 percent in the whole world. Watermelons grow best on saline sandy loam or slit loam soils and between 18 C o and 35 C during growing season.

Watermelons are sold in road side markets and farmers markets of Islamabad. An important consideration in successful marketing is to have adequate facilities for transporting the crop to market outlets. Production of seedless watermelon is almost same as seeded watermelon except some differences.

Watermelon fruit is available in many sizes, shapes, and colours. The shapes vary from round to oblong, with colors ranging from light green to almost black.

The fruit skin color can be solid, striped, or marbled. The edible portion of the flesh can be yellow, pink, pink-red, bright red, or deep red.