AJK President chairs 54th budget session of Jammu and Kashmir Council

ISLAMABAD: Sardar Masood Khan, President of AJK, while presiding over a meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council, in his capacity as the Vice Chairman of the Council has said that the Council would continue to monitor the deteriorating human rights situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

He said that the plight of the Kashmiris at the hands of the Indian occupation forces is increasing every day.

President Masood Khan reaffirmed that the struggle of the people of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir would continue until the Kashmiris in IOK win their freedom and attain their right to self determination.

The AJK Council’s sitting, in which Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan and Minister Incharge for the AJK Council, Barjees Tahir, presented the Council’s budget for the financial year 2017-18, outlining many development projects particularly focusing on the infrastructure and road network.

The meeting was attended by the Federal Minister for Defense, Engr. Khurram Dastagir, AJK Finance Minister Najeeb Naqvi and Senator Yaqoob Nasir.

During his budget statement the Federal Minister Barjees Tahir said that India was pursuing a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing against the Kashmiris. He said that Kashmiris would never abandon their inalienable right to self determination.

The AJK Council session also offered fatiha for the martyrs in IOK and those who have embraced shahadat as a result of constant hostile fire against civilians and armed personnel of Pakistan across the Line of Control in Azad Kashmir.