Ambareen Massih makes hat-trick of winning third bronze medal in Belt Wrestling for Pakistan

ASHGABAT (Turkmenistan): The medal lady Ambareen Massih earned the third bronze medal of making hat-trick for Pakistan in the Belt Wrestling on the seventh day of the ongoing 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games being played on various venues in the City Olympic Complex on Friday.

With another bronze medal of Ambareen, Pakistan is still holding 17th position at the overall medal table with 20 medals including two gold medals, three silver medals and 15 bronze medals.

In the Belth Wrestling Pakistan is on 9th position with one silver and eight bronze medals while Turkmenistan got 23 gold, 14 silver and 16 bronze medal, Uzbekistan got three gold, seven silver and 16 bronze medal, Kazakhstan with 3 gold, three silver and 5 bronze medal and Iran with three gold, one silver and 11 bronze medals are at the top positions.

In the overall medal table Turkmenistan was the leader with 61 gold medals, 49 silver and 55 bronze medals at the top, followed by Iran with 17 gold, 13 silver and 34 bronze medals and Thailand with 15 gold, 14 silver and 17 bronze medals.

Pakistan Ambareen has a bye in the first round before facing host Turkmenistan’s Zarina Abdyrahmannovwa in the -60kg weight. Zarina has full support of the jam-packed spectators who shouting all the way in support of Zarina. Ambareen taken first two points against Zarina but later on Zarina settled down and quickly leveled the tally 2-2 before taking the medal fight 5-2.

Ambareen was the first Pakistani female grabbed three medals – one each in the Traditional Wrestling, Classic Free Style Wrestling and Alysh Free. Apart from Ambareen, other Pakistani Men and Women players did not impress against their tough competitors in the Alysh Free Style Wrestling.

Pakistan’s Women in Alysh Free -55 Kg Myuyadinova Manzuraoy of Uzbakistan defeated Humaira Ashiq on points by 4-1, Ummatov Fayzyllulla of Uzakistan beat Mohsin Ali in Men Alysh Free -60kg, In the pre-quarter Men Men Alysh Free -70kg Shehzad Khan upset Tongbram Romen Singh of India on points, Mohammad Adnan Rana was beaten by Aliberdioda Ibodullo by 5-0 in Men Alysh Free -60kg, Safarov Ruziboi of Tajikistan beat Mohammad Asad Butt in Men Alysh Free -80kg by 6-2, Danish Rashid was beaten by Nasir Ahmad Akrami of Afghanistan on points in Men Alysh Free -70kg, Abbas Qamar defeated Sinha Ayaz of India on points in -80kg Alysh Free and lost to Allberdiyew Aly of Turkmenistan in -80kg weight. Ambareen won bronze medal, the third one in the Games for Pakistan when she was lost to Abdyrahmannowa Zarina Turkmenistan on points 6-2 in -60kg weight category.

Swimmers ready to make a splash with China, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong were there to give a tough time to the rest participating countries of the Asian and Oceania. The short course is providing nations big and small with a great platform to showcase their talent over four days of competition.

With 26 athletes, Hong Kong and China are largest team. China with 22, and Turkmenistan with 18 have the next largest squads. Vietnam’s Thi Anh Vien Nguyen is one to watch out for in the women’s disciplines.

The 21-year-old prodigy amassed eight gold medals at each of the 2017 and 2015 South East Asian Games. She also won a gold and three bronzes medals at last year’s Asian Championships.

China’s Sun Meichen, who claimed 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay gold at the Incheon 2014 Asian Games, and Lao Lihui are also likely medal contenders, as are the Hong Kong, China trio of Sze Hang Yu, Stephanie Hoi Shun Au and Yvette Man-Yi Kong.

Sze was a triple gold medalist at both the 2007 and 2009 Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts Games while Kong, who competed at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, claimed five gold medals during the 2009 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Au took three titles at the 2007 edition.

Among the men, Thailand’s Radomyos Matjiur holds multiple national records, and should be in the mix for a podium place. The 29-year-ol has plenty of top-level competition experience.

Turkmen Swimmers are also look to make a splash in the pool. Merdan Atayew was the country’s flag bearer at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, and will spearhead the campaign.

Pakistan has fielded four female and four male swimmers and has given a poor response on the opening day with most of them got sixth and or seven positions even in their respective heats.

In the 50m free style Bisma Khan recorded 28.23sec and got 6th position, followed by Aisha Mishael Ayub with 29.27sec. She got 6th position. In the 50m free style Mohammad Yahya Khan got fourth position in the heat with 24.96sec, in the 100m breaststroke Ramsha Imran got 5th position in the heat with a clock time 1.25.51sec, in the 100m Men butterfly M. Hamza Malik got 6th position with clock time 1.12.67sec, in the women 200m individual medley relay no Pakistan women qualified while in the Men 200m individual medley relay Waqas Hussain got 5th position, in the 4X50m medley relay Pakistan got 8th position with clock time 1.55.72, in the women of the same Pakistan got 4th position in the heat with clock time 2.11.78sec and in the Men and Women 50m free style no Pakistani swimmers qualified.