Analysts term Pakistan an attractive destination for foreign investment

ISLAMABAD: President, Pakistan-economy Watch Dr. Murtaza Mughal has termed Pakistan as an attracting destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) because of peace in the country.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, Murtaza Mughal said Pakistan is rich with human and land resources and our Prime Minister is business minded and he will project Pakistan’s markets effectively.

He said Pakistan will be able to export electricity in 2021 and the global rating institutions are rating Pakistan on high position in economic performance.

Economic Expert Dr. Alia H. Khan has said that the focus of Prime Minister’s speech in UNGA would be on Pakistan’s role in war against terrorism.Also, he will elucidate upon sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in global war against terrorism. Pakistan should be properly represented in front of global community.

He said the Chinese gigantic investment in Pakistan is a positive signal for other investors as well added that we need to provide more employment opportunities to our young population.