‘Archaeology and Heritage’ will be no more a passive subject

ISLAMABAD: International experts will gather in Lahore by the month of October to deliberate on the importance of ‘Archaeology and Heritage’ as an essential components for preserving national identity and bringing prosperity in any country.

International Conference on “Archaeology Heritage of Pakistan-Challenges, Potential and Way forward” will be held in Lahore from October 20-22 with participation of national and international level experts and a wide audience.

The conference will be co-organized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), National History and Literary Heritage Division, UNESCO, Embassy of France in Pakistan, British Council, and Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA).

The primary goal of arranging this conference is to sensitize the decision makers, educationist, bureaucrats and politicians that archaeology and heritage are a constitutive part of the country and must be given due importance.

The event will give opportunity to seize the occasion of this conference to convey a strong message in the alignment of the Vision 2025.

The overall achievement of the conference would be that the audience walks away with a sense of urgency in terms of taking initiatives to protect and promote cultural heritage which hopefully subsequently would spark action on the part of various stakeholders.

The conference will come up with some concrete recommendations for various stakeholders which will be handed over to the government for further follow up and as input for a cultural policy.

The conference will help recognize the following goals; a positive approach about a renewed national narrative taking into account a broader part of history inspired by archaeology and heritage; and an economic approach bringing culture and in particular archaeology and heritage as an essential component of development through tourism for instance.