Around 2.365 million cotton bales arrive in local markets

ISLAMABAD: Around 2.365 million cotton bales have arrived in the local markets for pressing in the mills as well as for exporting.

Out of the total around 846,238 bales have arrived from the Punjab and 1,519,317 from the Sindh.

According to data of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), out of the total cotton bales arrived from the Punjab, 687,024 bales sold, whereas 50,229 bales remained unsold.

The total quantum of unginned cotton in the province was recorded at 108,985, the data reveled.

Meanwhile, out of the total arrived output from the Punjab, 737,253 bales were pressed, 17,800 bales exported and 669,224 bales sold to local textile mills, it added.

According to data, out of the total crop arrived from the Sindh 1,232,823 bales were sold whereas 43,086 cotton bales remained unsold.

Out of the total arrival, 1,275,909 bales were pressed, 77,275 cotton bales exported and 1,155,556 were sold to local textile mills during the period under review.

The total unsold stocks from the Sindh was recorded at 43,086 bales and un-ginned stock was registered at 243,408 bales, the data added.

It is worth mentioning here that textile group exports from the country during first month of current financial year grew by 2.78 percent as compared the same month of last year.

The country earned US$ 1.008 billion by exporting the textile products, which was recorded at US$ 979.414 million of same month last year.