Ashar Haleem elected Central Chairman of APCNGA

Islamabad: Noted businessman of the energy sector Ashar Haleem Qureshi has been elected unopposed as Chairman of the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) for the year 2017-18.

Qureshi hails from Rawalpindi and he has been working in oil and gas sector for the last twenty years.

According toy a statement issued here on Monday, Samir Najmul of Karachi has been Senior Vice Chairman of the CNG body while Syed Fiaz Gillani of Multan has been elected as Central Vice Chairman of the APCNGA.

Gillani worked hard with former central chairman Ghiyas Paracha, Mohammad Abid Hayat and Captain Shuja for reviving the CNG sector in the province of Punjab.

Speaking on the occasion newly elected central chairman Ashar Haleem Qureshi thanked all members of the body to reposing confidence in his leadership and electing all of the contestants unopposed.

He said that he would try best to come up with the expectations of the community and prioritize proper CNG pricing, provision to continued gas supply to filling stations and ensure the difference between the cost of CNG with petrol.

CNG leader Ghiyas Paracha while addressing the AGM appreciated the retiring office bearers for their untiring efforts for keeping alive the CNG industry in very critical situations and restoration of CNG stations in Punjab.

Ghiyas Paracha said “we will introduce new technology to reduce the operational cost of CNG and for long-term existence of this business.”

Paracha thanked the complete support of the Government which made the restoration and continuation of CNG sector possible.