Ashur gives lesson of fighting against tyrannical forces : Yousaf

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousaf Friday day of Ashura has a special significance in Islamic history due to supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), which gave a the lesson of fighting against the tyrannical forces.

In his message of Youm-e-Ashur, he said the day of Ashura has a special significance in Islamic history. This is the day when Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), and his companions took on the forces of falsehood for the gory of Islam, he added.

He said “The battle between forces of truth and falsehood imparts us a lesson of sacrifice and selflessness.”

He said “This great event in the human history taught us that we can fight against any challenge by implementing the universal principles of Islam.”

He called for creating a spirit of forbearance, sympathy and tolerance in the society.

He said “On this very day, our great religion, Islam, stands for brotherhood, equality, truthfulness, and justice.”

“By implementing these principles in our lives, we cannot only succeed in this world and the Hereafter but also ensure the universality of the Islamic message.”

He said “We are fully determined and on this day of Ashura, we reiterate our pledge that we would further strengthen unity, political and social harmony, mutual tolerance, and brotherhood in our ranks”.