Authority concerned should check prices, cleanliness of food outlets at PMM parking

ISLAMABAD:The sale of sub-standard food items goes unchecked here at parking lot of cultural site Pakistan Monument Museum (PMM) in federal capital.

The stall owners were selling food items made in unhygienic conditions besides charging high rates.

The visitors at Pakistan Monument Museum complained that no food authorities bother to check the famous cultural site parking lot food outlets. They are not only overcharging the visitors but also prepare food items in unhealthy conditions.

Mostly burgers, samosas, chaat, soft drinks and tea are served to thousands of visitors at food stalls in front of Pakistan Monument.

The visitors demanded of high-ups of the civic body and Health department to check prices and cleanliness of food items at the parking lot of monument and various parks of capital city.

Ahmed Ali, a visitor said that the stall owners are selling spurious beverages, posing health hazard to the general public.

The vendors usually set up their stalls of substandard drinks outside Pakistan Monument.

Izatullah, another visitor said that all food items should be covered properly to prevent from the reach of flies and dust.

“Fried chips, dahi bahlay, pakoras and other such items are being prepared with substandard ingredients, particularly oil”, he said.