Balochistan province home to most beautiful tourist’s destinations

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan province is home to some of the most beautiful tourist’s destinations in Pakistan that attracts a great number of tourists every year.

According to an official of Balochistan Tourism Directorate, Quaid-e-Azam residency with its lush green lawns, chinar trees and flower gardens commands a striking view of the whole valley.

Ziarat is a holiday resort amidst one of the largest and oldest Junipur forests in the world. It is said that some of the Junipur trees are as old as 5,000 years.

A small valley Moola Chotok is considered one of most beautiful place in Balochistan situation at about 1,237 meters above sea level. The valley is about 80 kilometers from Khuzdar. It has very beautiful waterfalls which are sorounded by vigorous greenery and tall cliffs. The place is famous for its massive mountains, textured rocks, streams and hot spring which give the visitors a very delightful surprise.

Another beautiful waterfall Pir Ghaib is located near the famous Bolan valley. It is around 70 kilometers away from Quetta. The Pir Ghaib waterfall’s is a worth-seeing tourist destination which is a magnificent spot. Hingol National park is the largest park in Pakistan which is located on the Makran coast approximately 190 km from Karachi.

The Sulaiman-Kirthar Mountain Ranges lie between Balochistan Plateau and the Indus Plain. The mountain ranges have beautiful parks and waters which provide a heavenly to the visitors. Khojak pass is an amazing water-clogged passage.

Astola Island Gwadar, which is also known as Jezira Haft Talar Satadip or the Island of the seven hills, is a small uninhabited island located in the Arabian Sea. The Urrak falls is a fathomable vacation spot for the people of Quetta and around. Hanna Lake, the man-made Hanna Lake located near Quetta is ranked as one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan.

There are so many beautiful places in Balochistan province with immense natural beauty that attracts a large number of tourists every year.