Basis facilities for female journalists at workplaces urged

ISLAMABAD:Female journalists of federal capital have been facing a number of problems in fulfillment of their professional responsibilities due to unavailability of proper facilities from their respective media organizations during Covid-19.

Mostly female journalists complained that despite heavy work load, their respective media organizations are reluctant to ensure provision of basic facilities to them, which are prerequisite for making their job easier.

A female journalist said during the situation of Covid-19, the journalist community work in all odd situation but they have not job security.

She said that they were working in every aspect of journalism but still failed to have support system to address issues

She said that the numbers of new comer female journalists were increasing day by day but there was no mechanism to address their genuine issues.

Fauzia Shahid, a senior journalist said that media industry had not made enough arrangements to promote a sense of safety for female journalists, considering their genuine issues being faced by them daily.

She said that the major issue they face was transportation. She said that media industry failed to provide their female employees with transport to get to the locations where they need to report from, particularly when they need to work late.

“Despite these challenges, increasing numbers of female journalists working in media were true role models for other women, Amara Parveen, another female journalist said.

She said the only way to encourage these working female journalists was to ensure their basic facilities at workplaces and address their issues.