Bill moved in National Assembly to enhance imprisonment of ice smugglers

ISLAMABAD:A legislative proposal was moved in the Lower House of Parliament on Thursday aimed at treating drug (methamphetamine) peddlers with iron hand by enhancing imprisonment and fine on them and making the offence non-bailable and cognizable in any case.

The bill – the Control of Narcotic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2019 – was moved by PTI legislator Muhammad Sana Ullah Khan Masti Khel in the National Assembly and the Speaker Asad Qaiser referred it to the relevant committee for further consideration.

It proposed to insert new sections 9A and 9B after section 9 in the Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997.

The new section 9A says,” No one shall produce, manufacture, extract, prepare, possess, offer for sale, sell, purchase, distribute, deliver on any terms whatsoever, transport, dispatch methamphetamine, except for medical, scientific or industrial purposes in the manner and subject to such conditions, as may be specified by Government”.

In other section called 9B, the punishment has been recommended for contravention of section 9A.

The sub-section (a) of 9B suggests imprisonment up to period of seven years and fine not less than three hundred thousand rupees in case the quantity of methamphetamine does not exceed one hundred grams.

In case recovery is more than one hundred grams and less than one kilogram, the imprisonment of not less than10 years and fine not less than five hundred thousand rupees has been suggested in sub-section (b) of 9B.

The sub-section (c) of the 9B has proposed death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term which may extend up to 14 years and with a fine which may extend to Rs. one million, if the quantity of methamphetamine exceeds on kilogram. It further says that punishment shall not be less than imprisonment for life if the quantity of methamphetamine exceeds five kilograms.

The bill also suggests to substitute section 51 to term such offences cognizable and non-bail able. The proposed section 51 says,” Notwithstanding anything contained in any judgment of any court or any other law for the time being enforced, all the offences under this Act shall be cognizable and non-bailable.”