BISP committee met to discuss new eligibility criteria

ISLAMABAD:Third meeting of BISP Design Committee was held today at BISP Secretariat to discuss the proposed new eligibility criteria for beneficiaries in the wake of new survey and the proposed graduation models.

Chaired by the Secretary BISP Omar Hamid Khan, the meeting was attended by the BISP Board members Dr. Ali Cheema, Dr. Abdul Bari, Dr. Zeba Sathar and senior officers of BISP.

During the meeting, the participants were briefed about the need of new eligibility criteria as the pilot phase of new survey for National Socio-Economic Regidtry (NSER) update is about to close in 14 districts of the country.

The fresh data as a result of new survey which is more comprehensive and scientific requires new eligibility criteria for inclusion of beneficiaries. The existing and the proposed new eligibility criteria were presented in the meeting and a detailed comparison of the two was made.

The participants were of the view that as the new eligibility criteria would be based on the empirical evidence obtained through the pilot phase of survey in 14 districts, it was pertinent to finalize the eligibility criteria once complete data covering all the dimensions of the population like marital status, chronic diseases, disability, age and others had been worked out.

Two graduation models were presented in the meeting which included ADB funded models and Harvard-MIT-LSC model. ADB funded models included Comprehensive Coaching Model and Inclusive Business Model while Direct Cash Transfer Model was part of Harvard-MIT-LSC model.

These graduation models aim to make beneficiaries self sufficient through skill development and entrepreneurship and help them graduate out of poverty. Participants of the meeting discussed this agenda item of proposed graduation models in detail. They considered the model of Direct Cash Transfer to beneficiaries for a period of 2 to 3 years on pilot basis more relevant as the research evidence supported this model.

It was agreed in the meeting that the two agenda items of proposed eligibility criteria and graduation models along with new Proxy Means Test (PMT) Formula would be discussed and finalized in the next meeting scheduled on November 10, 2017. Secretary BISP directed his team to work out the proposals comprehensively so that in the next meeting these important issues are decided.