Capacity building workshop for teachers begins

ISLAMABAD:School of Leadership (SoL) has started four-day capacity building workshop titled “Teachers as Facilitators,” with an objective to enable teachers to prepare today’s student for the opportunities of tomorrow.

According to press statement issued here, the program, with the theme ‘Ignite the Light’ has been organized to equip teachers with concepts, crafts and competence required to make learning sessions effective and inspiring for students.

During the programme, teachers would be trained to provide a personalized learning environment to nurture students’ passions; build relevance between different learning experiences and let them design their own learning projects and processes in collaboration with others.

“The workshop will enable teachers to develop a learning environment that is relevant to and reflective of their students’ social and linguistic experiences,” SoL Founding Director Shireen Naqvi said while speaking on the occasion.

She said they would act as guides, mediators, consultants, instructors and advocates for the students, helping to effectively connect their culturally – and community – based knowledge to the classroom learning experiences.