CDA decorating Capital ahead of Independence Day

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) had started to decorate various government & private buildings, locations, highways, intersections etc with thousands of national flags, banners and flowers to celebrated the Independence Day with zeal and zest.

An official of Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) of CDA told reporter that on the directives of federal government for marking Independence Day celebrations with enthusiasm, the authority had taken steps to decorate the Federal Capital.

He said a 215-foot pole was errected in the Capiatl with the the Heavy Mechanical Complex, for hoisting the national flag and work on it would be completed on August 13. This was the first time in the country’s history that such a high pole for national flag was being fixed, he added.

He said that about 15,000 badges were being prepared while flags would be hosited at poles of 100-foot height.

The official said that work on Pakistan’s map at an artificial mountain and four national flags of different sizes at Zero Point had been completed so far, saying that the map would also be viewed from the air.

He said that CDA, Environment Directorate had fluttered flags at its vehicles.

Moreover, the both sides of Express Highway from Zero Point to Faizabad would be decorated with flags and colorful flowers, he added.

The DMA official said that about 6 thousand flags would be fixed at various locations, intersections, including Zero Point, D-Chowk, Supreme Court Signal, Commercial Center, Kashmir Chowk, Koral Chowk, Faizabad Chowk, Airport, Khana Bridge etc.

He said that 12 hundred streamers would be attached on various pools and about 25 flags with height of 100 feet would be fixed at different government and private buildings.

Flags and banners would also be displayed at various bridges of Islamabad Express highway, he said.

The official added that CDA every year illuminate buildings and various location with lights at the occasion of Independence Day, he, however, added that this time celebration activities would be continue whole of the month.

He said that melodies of national songs would be played at various parks of Islamabad include citizens in celebration activities. A special awareness campaign also had been started to mobilize people for fixing flags on roofs of houses.

Special competition of national songs, speeches and poetry would also be organized to pay attributes to the leaders of Independence movement.