CDA to retrofit traditional sodium street lights to standard LEDs lights

ISLAMABAD:The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is going to retrofit the traditional sodium street lights already installed in Islamabad to European standard LEDs lights.

According to the details, the CDA administration will sign an agreement with the Government organization (NICOP) to install these new LED lights at 40 percent of the cost.

Under the agreement, conventional sodium street lights that run at 250 watts will run at 150 watts, while LED lights will have a 1,000-hour warranty.

In addition, these LED streetlights can be switched on and off automatically.The agreement will save billions of rupees in the installation of street lights in addition to significant energy savings.

In addition the retrofit lights will meet modern requirements and will also be very easy to repair and can be manufactured at low cost.

It is to be noted that the government organization NICOP has expertise and experience in the field of retrofitting, therefore it has been decided to take benefit from these expertize. The agreement is being finalized.