’Clay Pots’ in high demand during Muharram

ISLAMABAD:During the month of Muharam-ul-Haram the demand and sale for ‘Clay Pots’ on the rise across the country for distributing ‘Niaz’ among faithfuls.

Owing to an increase in demand for catering this Muharram, more people are preparing homemade food to offer as “Niaz” and many shopkeepers and temporary vendors are displaying ‘clay pots’ to attract the citizens.

According to vendors, the faithful are distributing food items in earthen plates and bowls among mourners and participants in Zuljinah processions and majalis.

Making clay pot is one of the oldest professions in Pakistan, but it lost its charm when steel and plastic utensils became popular in households.

However, during the month of Muharram its sale increases like hot cakes, said a citizen Javed Hassan while purchasing clay pots.

According to sellers, the business of clay pots witnessing a surge and hoped in coming days we can earn more profit through this business.

A housewife Samina Ijaz said, the pots were in good demand and the price varies depending upon the bargaining power.

The earthen wares are selling along side the roads and attracting citizens, said a vendor displaying pots in a bazaar.

A citizen Asif said consuming water from a clay container is good for health and these are good pots for distributing Niaz.

A faithful Sadia Hussain said, ‘Niaz’ is distributed among children in small clay pots in remembrance of martyred Ali Asghar and kids become excited when they hold these pots.