Committee formed to restructure PCCC

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Textile Industry has constituted a committee for the restructuring of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC), in order to enhance the performance of the committee.

The restructuring committee is comprising four members of National Assembly including Chaudhry Asad-ur-Rahman, Chaudhry Iftikhar Nazir, Sheikh Fayyaz-ud-din and Sajid Mehdi.

Secretary Ministry of Textile Industry and two members of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) would be the members of restructuring committee.

Vice President of PCCC and Cotton Commissioner are also notified as members of the committee, Cotton Commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah said.

Talking to reporter here on Friday he said that the decision to constitute a committee was taken during the 85th meeting of the Governing Board of PCCC held in mid of current month.

The restructuring committee had been tasked to prepare a comprehensive plan for PCCC to further strengthening the research and development activities in order to promote the cotton crop for better production in the country, he added.

The committee would also make a financial programme in consultation with APTMA for generating funds for research activities for producing high yielding seed varieties, he added.

Dr Abdullah informed that the restructuring committee would also form a business model for PCCC in order to generate the revenues for smooth functioning of the research body.

He said that the will complete its task with in one month and prepared a comprehensive report before the governing body of PCCC for approval.

Cotton Commissioner said that the initiative will help to enhance the working of PCCC and making the research and developing the cotton varieties as per requirements of local industry.