Comprehensive plan to enroll 27,300 out of schools children on cards

ISLAMABAD:Ministry of Education and Professional Training is all set to devise a comprehensive plan to enroll 27,300 marginalized children hailing from federal capital in schools, an official of the ministry Wednesday said.

“The draft for the plan has been prepared and forwarded to the education minister for approval today (Wednesday)”, Joint Education Advisor Rafique Tahir told reporter.

“The plan, involving six main activities for the uplift of out of school children would be initiated under a private-public partnership basis,” he said adding that the minister would himself disclose the details of those activities at a press conference.

The minister would also share the strategy how to bring out of school children in the schools, he added.

The project to enroll the children in Islamabad would possibly be initiated by the next week, he shared.

Other official sources said education ministry has completed a survey to guess the real number of out of school children in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

This survey was organized by the Academy of Educational Planning and Management, an attached department of the ministry, which revealed that around 27,300 children are out of schools in the federal capital.

The survey informed that Nilore and Tarnol were among those areas having more number of out of school children.

The government schools established in above sectors have no capacity to enroll further children in their institutions while; the capacity for further admission in the FG set up schools is available but these schools have lack of teachers.

A plan has been set under which the children would be properly prepared for exams of 5th and 8th classes by establishing community schools in Nilore and Tarnol areas, sources told.

According to the details of survey around 27,300 children do not go to schools across 13 union councils and 133 villages of Islamabad.

The sources said Minister for Education has tasked the ministry and Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) to bring out of schools children of federal capital in the schools.

Sources revealed that initially by activating Schools Management Committee (SMC) the communities would be given task to bring all children in the schools at all cost.

In second phase, they said under article 25 A the SMC would be given authority to fine or warning the parents and guardians of the marginalized children.

A committee consisting of FDE, Basic Education Community Schools, National Commission for Human Rights would accomplish the task with the support of two private NGOs, they added.

FDE Director Schools Saqib Shahab has been given the responsibility to formulate a plan for admission of out of school children into the schools, sources informed.

The plan to establish more class rooms in the educational institutions of ICT is also under consideration. However, the over age children would be provided technical education by the public sector educational institutions with the help of Education Foundation. After which the children would be admitted in the class rooms according to their age, the sources added.