Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2021 lands seeking enhance powers to Senate

ISLAMABAD: A constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2021 seeking amendments in various Articles included 57, 62, 72, 73, 86, 89, 126, 159, 160, 162 and 166 was landed in the Senate on Monday aimed at enhancing powers of the upper house of the Parliament.

The bill was introduced by Main Raza Rabbani in the House.

The chairman senate after through debate referred the bill to the concern standing committee for further deliberation.

Speaking in the House, Raza Rabbani said that various resolutions were passed by this august house to enhance the powers of Senate.

He said that amendments were proposed in various articles of the constitution including 57, 62, 72, 73, 86, 89, 126, 159, 160 and 162.

He said it was very important constitution amendment bill and it was dire need to enhance the powers of Senate.

He was of the views that it would help strengthen the federation as Senate was considered as House of federation.

Azam Swati, Minister for Railways said that the upper house should be strengthened. He said this bill should be sent to National Assembly with complete amendments in order to protect the rights of the provinces in better way.

Speaking on the bill, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that the government wanted to strengthen the upper house of the Parliament. However, he said certain amendments sought in the bill would de-escalate the 18th constitutional amendment.

He said the government would not agree on certain amendments including in Article 73 and 126 etc. Under the constitution, money bill originated in the lower house of the parliament, he said.