Consultancy sought for base price calculation, auction process design for NGMS in AJK & GB : PTA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Wednesday invited Expression of Interest (EOI) to hire consultation services for calculation of base price and design of auction process for Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gigit Baltistan (GB).

The scope of work will include consultation with existing operators of Pakistan to assess telecom market of AJK and GB and calculate base price of spectrum to be auctioned by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of telecom market.

As per EOI document, this would be assessed in terms of uptake, profitability, competitiveness and consumer choice, international best practices, using appropriate tools such as econometric/analytical models and market analysis for spectrum as detailed in Policy Directive.

The Authority has suggested the following frequency blocks for provision of NGMS spectrum auction in AJK and GB:

Three blocks of 10 MHz each in 2100 MHz.

i. 1920-1930/2110-2120 MHz (Block A), ii. 1930-1940/2120-2130

MHz (Block B) iii. 1940-1950/2130-2140 MHz (Block C)

One block of 10MHz in 1800 MHz band. i. 1775-1785/1870-1880 MHz Earmarked for SCO:

One block of 10MHz in 2100

MHz band 1950-1960/2140-2150 MHz ii.One block of l0MHz in 1800 MHz band 1759.1-1769.1/ 1854.1-1864.1 MHz (Only those operators who participate in auction of 2100 MHz band can bid for 10MHz in 1800 MHz band).

The other objectives of consultancy are to design an open, competitive, transparent auction process mitigating chances of collusion among bidders and fulfilling policy objective of optimal outcome, keeping in view international best practices as suited to AJK & GB market and make presentations/briefings to Client and Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) for information as and when required.

Some other objectives include: conduct technical, commercial and legal due diligence related to proposed assignment including review of documents and processes, and develop a comprehensive report with a concise Executive Summary covering all important aspects that act as an input for base price and design of auction process.

The document further revealed that for completion of the above tasks, the consultant shall take into account due consultation with stakeholders including Auction Supervisory Committee, review and consideration of best practices, use of analytical tools/econometric models as suited to telecom market of AJK & GB.

It merits mentioned that PTA, being a regulatory Body regulates establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and provision of telecom services in Pakistan and AJK &GB.

It is empowered to undertake consultancy on such terms and conditions as it may determine for licensing radio frequency spectrum for any telecommunication system and service, as it may from time to time specify.