CPWB urges media, public to become active part of anti-begging campaign

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Chairperson Sara Ahmad on Thursday said that CPWB has launched an ‘anti beggars’ drive in an attempt to make the cities begging free and urged people to take active part of this drive by discouraging cash donation to beggars.

Talking to a private news channel, she said that the public should give beggars cooked food or water, rather than giving them cash, claiming that the strategy could affect the income of criminal gangs involved in begging.

She said members of civil society through social media have been launched an awareness campaign against beggary and focusing on protecting children from being abused and exploited by gangs of criminals.

She explained that the begging culture is not as simple because a whole mafia and a series of crimes is also related to it, adding, they even cheat innocent women and steal them.

The beggar children are mostly those who were first abducted by this mafia, and then turned into a hideous appearance or disabilities that can be a convenient tool to extort money from wherever they can, she added.

She said beggar mafia is earning a handsome amount of money by this profession and during our investigation many child beggars were found who are earning 1000 to 2000 per day.

Sara Ahmad said that many child beggars were deliberately mutilated to gain public sympathy, adding that many such children were also used as drug mules or drug peddlers.

She assured that her department with the help of media and public would soon address the problem.