DC presides over a meeting regarding cases filed against govt institutions

NAUSHERO FEROZE:The Deputy Commissioner Captain (R) Bilal Shahid Rao has stressed the govt officers to endeavor for the protection of govt properties and buildings and take stern action against illegal occupants.

He was presiding over a meeting here on Tuesday at committee Room, regarding cases filed against govt officers. Meeting was informed that about 358 cases of different nature were registered against various departments. According to details 218 cases against education department, 12 cases against Public health. Agriculture 3, Irrigation 12, SCARP Irrigation 8 while 82 cases were filed against Revenue department.

DC asked all officers to fully prosecute the cases on behalf of relevant counsel and while submitting reply of relevant case, keep in view Government interest accordingly.The Deputy Commissioner also directed the Mukhtiarkar Kandiaro to file a suit against illegal occupants of the Land of High School Khan wahan. DC asked all officers to register the record of govt Land with Revenue Department.