Democratic institutions not allowed to function in accordance with constitution: Rabbani

ISLAMABAD:Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Thursday said neither the democratic institutions were allowed to function in accordance with constitution nor rule of law had been established in the country.

He was speaking at at an award giving ceremony to renowned poet Nisar Nasik, organized by National Press Club (NPC) here.

He said democracy was derailed after every ten years. “Democracy in Pakistan is like an interval in film as after every ten years it was interrupted,” he said.

He said under the constitution, Parliament has central rule and it was tantamount to jugular vein federation. Institutions are subservient to the law and constitution of the country, he added.

He opined that Parliament is to the Federation of Pakistan as is the jugular vein to the body. “ If we cut the jugular vein again and again, it would be like decapitating the federation. It is imperative upon Parliament to play a historically significant role in order to overcome the internal and external challenges faced by the country; this institution has to be transparent and deliver so that people own it” he said.

Rabbani said it was need of the hour that the Parliament would have to play its historical role to cope with external and internal challenges being faced by the country.

He said parliament had not only to be made transparent but it had to also address problems faced by the people. The people ownership could only help stop intervals in democracy, he added.

He regretted that despite lapse of 70 years, we could not set our direction.

The Chairman eulogized services rendered by revolutionary poet Nisar Nasik and said three forces like intellectuals, workers and students were considered backbone of any society and these people could bring real societal change.

However, he said on one side former dictator General Zia banned student and trade unions but on the other hand extremist elements were given free hands resulting in intolerance in society. He regretted that the country had suffered at the hands of dictatorship for prolonged periods while the role of democracy had been of mere recreational intervals for an entertainment film. Every time democracy aimed to entrench its hold in the political process of the country, dictatorship usurped its right to do so, making democracy a shameful stopgap arrangement for dictatorial regimes. The institutions were never strengthened and constitutional supremacy never established- a fallout effect that continues till date.

The Chairman Senate said that by consciously isolating ourselves from our history, collective struggle for democracy and national heroes we have plunged our society to this point of decline. This deliberate divorce has led writers like Nisar Nasik, Habib Jalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and John Elia into shadows of forgetfulness.

Earlier in his welcome address, NPC President Shakeel Anjum said the NPC award was given to Nisar Nasik to recognize his long services in field of literature, poetry.

He said Nasir Nasik was a writer of famous national song “ Dil Dil Pakistan” sung by Junaid Jamshid. He said he (Nasir) remained attached with Radio Pakistan for almost four decades as a script writer.

Social activist Dr Jamal Nasir appreciated NPC for giving cash award to renowned poet Nasir Nasik and said Nasir always raised his voice against dictators.

Federal Union of Journalist President Afzal Butt, Akhtar Azeem and also spoke on the occasion.

Later, the Chairman handed over NPC and cash awards to Nasir Nasik.