E-voting, strong internet connection for ECP to stop electoral frauds in future: Nasir Salman

ISLAMABAD:Chief Ministers Complaint Cell Punjab Vice-Chairman Nasir Salman Saturday stressed upon the need to introduce e-voting machine, developed by the National Institute of Electronics, and a strong internet connection in order to help get rid of rigging in elections and for reducing electoral fraud.

“The PTI-led government was paying special attention to electoral reforms and will make sure the system is refined and all challenges will removed before the next elections, he said while speaking to PTV news channel.

The government under the vision of PM Imran Khan only want the next general election to be fair and transparent and hence want to initiate the e-voting process, he added.

He further expressed confidence that with the implementation of electoral reforms, the country would witness a norm among the politicians to have faith in the polling process and accept the results.

He mentioned that electronic voting machines are being used in many countries including India and it has made the voting process transparent and easy.

“We should also move in that direction and ensure transparency in the elections,” he stressed.

While commenting on Senate elections, he said PM Imran Khan was strongly committed for Senate elections through show of hands while being honest with his respective political party and its ideology.

He urged the opposition to help strengthen Prime Minister Imran Khan’s hands if they want a corruption free, transparent and rule of law in the country.

He also mentioned that a speedy and a strong internet connection would be available in ECP for smooth free and fair electoral process.

He said the ECP would be able to receive results from polling stations faster through the system.