ECP approves elections rules under Elections Act 2017

ISLAMABAD:Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in its meeting which was held under the chairmanship of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza on Thursday approved the draft Elections Rules, 2017 framed under the Elections Act 2017.

The meeting was informed that these rules were finalized in nearly 200 meetings of the officers of the ECP.

The commission acknowledged the efforts made in this behalf by the officers of the ECP and expressed satisfaction on the draft Election Rules 2017 and hoped that the rules will be appreciated by all stakeholders.

The commission directed that the said rules will be published on official website of the ECP for inviting objection or suggestion on any provision of the rules within 15 days which will be decided by the commission by hearing.

The commission clarified that section 239 of the newly promulgated Elections Act 2017 empowers the Election Commission of Pakistan to make the rules for carrying the purpose of the Act on its own.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Elections Act 2017 was promulgated on October 2, 2017 by repealing eight laws.