ED charge sheet against Shabir Shah based on concocted lies: Freedom Party

SRINAGAR: Pro freedom leader Shabir Ahmed Shah led Jammu & Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party has termed the Enforcement Directorate (ED) charge-sheet against Shah as frivolous and fabricated.

The party has said that this charge sheet filed by ED in a Delhi Court is based on concocted lies.

As per a statement to news agency CNS, the party has said that In Delhi, whether it is judiciary or media, no one is ready to listen to Shabir Ahmad Shah’s arguments based on reality; so we decided to put some requests to people through our local media regarding the so-called charge-sheet filed against the pro-freedom leader.

“The motive behind maligning the image of Shabir Ahmad Shah by Indian media, the registering of false cases against him in Delhi court, and subsequently subjecting him to physical and mental torture, is nothing but to create a wedge between the people of Jammu Kashmir and the pro-freedom leadership.”

“Shabir Ahmad Shah is being accused of “amassing huge wealth” and numerous fabricated stories were cooked to back such claim. A perception is being created among masses as if Shabir Shah was not a resistance leader but the one whose one and only motive was to accumulate wealth.”

According to the party, Shabir Ahmad Shah belongs to a well-established business family of south Kashmir. He inherited a good amount of wealth from his family to live a prosperous life. Even today, one can find dozens of such persons in Islamabad (Anantnag) district who can testify how much land and property Shabir Ahmad Shah’s grandfather possessed. Shah Sahah’s father Ghulam Mohammad Shah after retiring as a Block Development Officer (BDO) took charge of family business and till his martyrdom on April 4, 1989 lived with Shabir Ahmad Shah.

After being released in October 1994, Shabir Ahmad Shah sold his personal inherited property and purchased a house at Budshah Colony, Sanat Nagar which continues as the head office of the Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP). Besides, he has inherited one third of the property from his father’s house in Zubair Abad, Jammu. These are the only personal assets of Shabir Ahmad Shah but one fails to understand as to what movable and immovable properties the ED and Indian media are referring to.”

We declare that the figures regarding Shabir Ahmad Shah’s property produced by the ED are nothing but a bundle of lies created to malign the image of the resistance leader.

The only truth in the ED’s charge-sheet is that Shabir Ahmad Shah considers Jammu Kashmir as a disputed territory and is politically active seeking its resolution. He has been fighting politically since 1968 and is steadfast on his mission. Throughout his political career, Shabir Ahmad Shah has stressed on dialogue to resolve disputes and has continuously championed for such ideology.

“Another “charge” against Shabir Ahmad Shah is that Hafiz Saeed from Pakistan has talked to him by phone. Indian media doesn’t even understand that Shabir Ahmad Shah is not an ordinary person but a respected spokesperson of the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir. As a political leader, anyone from anywhere talks to him on phone, seeking his opinions. He is so humble to receive all the phone calls by himself. As such, making a mountain out of a molehill and involving him in baseless issues cannot but be termed as a mischievous act.”