Experts call for creating more awareness in women about their rights

ISLAMABAD:Experts have called for creating more awareness and education in women regarding their fundamental rights to protect them from violence in any form.

The experts said they were not even familiar how to register a complaint and suffer domestic violence in the hands of men.

Human rights activist Dr Farzana Bari said to educate women regarding their fundamental rights to protect them from physical violence was the need of the hour.

She said a strong factor of women’s vulnerability to the current situation was illiteracy and majority of the incidents were being reported from the uneducated community.

She stressed the relevant authorities to ensure “education for all” for a greater civilized Pakistan.

She further emphasized for women’s participation in all spheres of national affairs. There was need to mobilize individuals through awareness workshops to stop this menace, she added.

Bari also proposed dialogue among all stakeholders of the community, including police, politicians, and opinion makers in ensuring strong domestic violence legislation and holding community-based awareness workshops with experts on how to recognize or speak out against domestic violence.

A senior official of Ministry of Human Rights, Muhammad Khawaja said they were evolving a comprehensive plan to check domestic violence and create awareness among women.

He said his ministry was in process of drafting a comprehensive bill for domestic violence.

He quoted Khyber Pakhtunkhaw’s example where provincial government established a women complaint desk in police stations to report cases of crimes against women.

“Before the formation of the complaint desks women were reluctant to report to male police officers”, he added.